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Guide to Look Cool in Ladies Gym Wear

It can become an everyday struggle to decide what to wear to the gym and what not. Unlike your work clothes, ladies gym wear often lands into the basket where you pick up anything and pair it up with anything else without giving a second thought about it. However, there is a science behind how all those Instagram photos of ladies working out look so cool. And we are here to talk about that.

So, what are the top 3 ladies’ gym wear essentials?

  1. Sports Bra
  2. Pull Over
  3. Tights

Let’s get started on understanding the trends and the needs of these gym wear essentials one by one:

  1. Sports Bra

Highly needed for support and strength during a strenuous workout. However, how do you look cool with it and what can you do to make those bucket of blessings feel good?

Go Basic

Ladies gym bra and leggins
You can always start to scratch the surface with basic, plain and solid colored sports bra which come in a million colors and simple designs. These basic bras can make you get used to of them while you can focus more on being proactive in your workout!

Cross Bra

Every once in a while it doesn’t hurt to be colorful with your cute gym wear clothes. A hint of color popped with some floral designs is the latest in gym fashion for the year!

  1. Pull over

A little something to cover up those shoulders if you’re catching cold or simply looking for options to protect you from air, pull overs not only act as clothing in ladies’ gym wear but are also great to accessorize your look!

Signature Styles


Ladies gym hoodie
Pullovers come in all their crazy glory but to look great in your choices, you can always opt for signature Nike/Adidas items! These items will make you look classy yet resonate your cult following for a certain brand!

Electrical Whites

Or you can always go a little off-the-rail with fluorescent colors and shiny zip lines that make you shine in the crowd! A little experiment doesn’t hurt!

  1. Tights

Ever since going to the gym became a thing, tights have been a must have for every fitness freak. They’re comfortable. Easy to wear and breathable for most! Up until recently, brands have become to evolve the look & feel of tights and shifted them to looking funky yet elegant while providing extra comfort to gym goers!

Barby Leggins

Barby Leggins inspired tights have been the most popular trend of the year with leading brands and small ladies’ gym wear shops launching an array of these in their stores throughout the year. If you are looking to go funky, this might be your piece of cake!

Back To Black

Gym Blackout leggins
Black rocks the ladies’ gym wear category. It hides stains, sweat yet makes you look sexy. You can always go back to your blacks in tights but the new mesh leggings and tights have taken the trend to new levels of sexy!

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